Comp Cams/Supertech/Skunk2 Camshaft, Valve Seals, & Spring Kit

Comp Cams/Supertech/Skunk2 Camshaft, Valve Seals, & Spring Kit


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Condition: New
Part Brand: Competition Cams, Supertech, Skunk2
Manufacturer Part Number: 59300, 311-05-1345


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COMP Cams is proud to introduce newly developed camshaft sets for performance applications. After extensive testing, the COMP Cams engineers have produced Quiktyme Camshaft sets that yield dramatic gains in torque and horsepower. The new COMP Quiktyme Cams are available in four difference configurations; specifically designed for four distinctive RPM bands. From Serious Street to ProRacing, COMP Quiktyme Cams offers a camshaft set to give you the winning edge.

Valve Seals
Supertech Valve Seals are the final piece of the puzzle for your performance valve train.

Each Alpha Valve Spring is manufactured exclusively from super-clean, chrome-silicone wire milled in Japan. By using inner and outer springs mated together through a slight interference fit and with differing frequencies, Alpha Valve Springs are able to prevent valve float and maintain valvetrain stability at engine speeds in excess of 10,000 rpm.

Skunk2’s industry-leading Alpha Titanium Retainers are designed to significantly reduce valvetrain mass, resulting in more horsepower and improved valvetrain stability. Similar to Skunk2’s already popular Pro Series Titanium Retainers, Alpha Titanium Retainers feature radius-cut edges for additional rocker arm clearance and reduced weight, strategically positioned lightening grooves, and reduced overall heights for better valve seal clearance and even further weight reduction.

Alpha Titanium Retainers are manufactured using the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure that each is optimized for strength as well as for reduced weight. Skunk2 engineers then test and prove their designs on the engine dyno as well as the race track. Once approved for manufacturing, only medical-grade titanium that’s been ultrasonically inspected and certified is used. Following CNC machining, each retainer is then individually inspected to ensure proper hole diameter, taper, and that each are free from machining defects to ensure proper installed valve spring heights and pressures. Finally, each retainer is serialized for your protection, including valuable information, like material batch specifics as well as production and inspection dates.

Camshaft Specifications
Exhaust Duration: 268
Exhaust Duration @ .050 in.: 216
Exhaust Valve Lift(in): 0.428
Intake Duration: 260
Intake Duration @ .050 in.: 220
Intake Valve Lift(in): 0.456
Lifter Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
RPM Range: 2000-9000
Usage: Street/Performance

Valve Seals
Guide OD: 11mm/.433in
Material: Viton
Position: Exhaust
Seal OD: 12.9mm/.507in

Guide OD: 11mm/.433in
Material: Polyacrylic
Position: Intake
Seal OD: 12.9mm/.507in

Coil Bind: TBA
Coil Bind Height (in): 0.890
Installed Height (in): 1.600
Installed Pressure (lbs.): 100
Open Height (in): 1.100
Open Pressure: 585lbs
Open Pressure (lbs.): 255
Seat Pressure: 62lbs